Social Distancing from Social Media
Has it really only been a few weeks since COVID-19 awareness, social distancing, and online schooling became such an integral part of everyday life?! It feels like a lifetime. 

Our homeschooling family may have had an easier time transitioning since most of us were already learning from home. But we've experienced our share of changes...

  • Hubby is working from home.
  • College daughter and dual-enrolled son are finishing the semester from home.
  • We do church via livestream and AWANA and youth group via Zoom.
  • We are stretching our groceries (rice and beans, anyone?) and counting toilet paper rolls.
I could go on. 

As a rational person, I am appalled by the insanity of empty shelves in our local stores. I feel chagrin at our nation's economic systems screeching to a crawl, if not a halt. And I'm exasperated at the nonstop partisan bickering.

At the same time, as the mother of a special-needs child with a compromised immune system, I feel dismayed by what almost seems inevitable: at some point, say some experts, we will likely all catch this virus. And what will that mean for vulnerable people like my daughter? Will our nation experience anything like the overwhelmed Italian system, where people are dying by the hundreds every day for lack of resources? Or have we flattened the curve enough, giving us time to beef up desperately needed supplies?

I am alternatingly amused and angered by various articles, videos, and memes that cross my radar these days. And the nervous conversations in my Trisomy circles have me on edge as well. (It doesn't help that we've suffered some difficult losses of Trisomy kiddos in recent days, unrelated to COVID-19, but still...) 

I've decided...I need some social distancing from social media. (And yes...I recognize the irony of writing this on an online blog!)
  • I'm skipping past almost every article shared in my feed... 
  • Better yet, I'm putting away my phone for longer and longer stints.
  • Ultimately, my goal is to get past the addiction (yes, addiction) of being attached to my phone. 
  • I've stopped listening to my favorite podcasts, because as much as I enjoy the snarky commentary, I'm just plain weary of over-analysis of a topic I don't think anyone truly understands. 
In our home, we will continue our proactive measures to support all aspects of our health, which include vitamins and supplements, our healthy and yummy "red juice," probiotics, and essential oils. We also proactively use essential oils and oil blends for mental and emotional support. And of course we are using effective, non-toxic household cleaning agents to keep out the yuck.

What about you? How are you handling the "online overwhelm?" 
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