Renew, Reenergize, & Revitalize Your Homeschool
It's almost time for the "He Makes All Things NEW" workshop!!

Not gonna lie...I'm pretty excited about it. And I'm completely nerding out over some word studies I've done in preparation for teaching the take-away concepts. I spent the better part of a Saturday morning creating the notes and participant guide for the homeschool mamas who are going to participate. 

Will you be one of them? I hope so!

If you aren't sure whether this workshop is for you, let me share some helpful points for clarity. 

This event is NOT for you if:
❌ You're not actively homeschooling your kids. 
❌ You do homeschool, but you're mostly looking for help with curriculum, schedules, or other facets of homeschooling.
❌ You don't really look to God and the Bible as your source for wisdom and direction.

This event IS for you if:
✅ You're actively homeschooling your kids.
✅ You know there's more to that calling than checking off curriculum boxes.
✅ You want to seek God's heart for your homeschool and are willing to engage in active prayer and Bible study to do so.

There's no judgment here! This event isn't for everyone, and I'd rather you know for sure whether this is a good fit before committing. I'm asking participants to invest a bit of their time, energy, and money, and I don't want you to make that investment if you aren't a committed Christian homeschooler.

A few other questions I've been asked:
Q: What if I can't make the live meeting?
A: We'll miss your real-time input and questions, BUT you can definitely access the recording and materials after the fact. However, you must be registered to get access.

Q: How long will the workshop be?
A: Allow about an hour for the workshop itself. I will stay online and available to answer questions for up to 30 minutes after the presentation.

Q: Can I invite a friend to join us?
A: Absolutely! You can share the registration link with any like-minded mama who can benefit.

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