Ode to the Library
Ode to the Library
by Beverly Jacobson, Homeschool Mom & Chauffeur  

Would you rather read than cook?
Would you read a library book?
Yes, I'd read a library book!
Yes, I would, oh, take a look!
I would read while in the van. 
I would read as much as I can.
I would read in a coffee shop.
I would read until I drop.
I would read and sip a shake.
I would read each book I take.
I would not notice others' looks.
Oh, I do so love to read my books!

Thank you! *Takes a bow* 😂

Do your kids love the library like mine do?! 
Do you have a certain day of the week you go? 
Do your kids have their own shelves for hold items waiting to be picked up?
Is it a travesty when they close the library for a "staff training day?"
Is it an emergency when the kids are "out" of library books (meaning they've read all the ones they checked out 2 days ago)?!

Do tell!

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