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This year I'm privileged to be one of over 50 speakers offering FREE workshops on all things marriage related! From finances to intimacy, from parenting to dealing with trauma, there is something for everyone in this virtual conference. Each speaker has provided downloads to go along with her session, and you can choose to upgrade to gain access AFTER the event as well as an additional resource bundle.

Would you help me spread the word? Register today and do someone's marriage a favor by inviting her to join as well!

I'm pivoting and headed in a new direction...more info to come!

Prenatal support group

If you've received a prenatal diagnosis, head over to our private Facebook community, where you'll find other parents dealing with the same circumstances you are. Ask your questions in a safe, encouraging environment and get the help and support you need to continue your pregnancy and prepare for delivery...and beyond!

The Verity blog

This is the outpouring of my emotional journey that began in the early days after receiving our own devastating prenatal diagnosis. If you're in the early stages of your own journey, check out the earliest entries dated to 2016. More recent entries chronicle daily life with our sweet Verity!

 Verity's blog

My personal blog

From homemade to homeschooling, from marriage to mothering, I share both joys and struggles because I value community and authenticity. This blog has bits related to my various passions, from inside our home to outside in a world that needs truth, kindness, and encouragement for living our best lives.

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