Christmas Before & After

Homeschooling, like Christmas, can look perfect and beautiful in the beginning...

Yet homeschooling, like Christmas, can quickly feel chaotic and out of control.
This is what happens when 15 people crowd around the Christmas tree to celebrate the gift of Jesus and shower one another with love and laughter. ðŸŒē

It was a beautiful day with many surprises and memorable moments! âĪïļ

When all is said and done, we can look at the mess left behind and heave a sigh as we focus on what we still need to clean.


We can be grateful for all the blessings and precious moments that led to the state of disarray! And truly, with so many hands to help clean, it isn't long before things look "normal" again.

Homeschool Before & After...?!

As a homeschool mom, I sometimes feel like those pictures above on a daily basis! "Perfect" lessons planned, a routine in place, everything looking pristine at the start of the school day/week/year. 📝📚

But it doesn't take much for the beautiful picture to turn chaotic. ðŸĪŠ

We can focus on what we feel "should" be happening in our homeschool, or we can focus on what our eternal purpose is--ours AND our children's.

Mama, if you're feeling discouraged or burned out, take some time to refresh your spirit however you can. Step back from high (and perhaps unhealthy) expectations and allow yourself the gift of being fully present in the moment. 🎁

Life is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows, picture-perfect moments and days (or even seasons) of chaos. Embrace the ebb and flow and look for ways to plant seeds in your children's hearts that will help them be deeply rooted for life!

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