Cleaning Up the Cleaning Supplies
The last time I was at the grocery store, I passed multiple people whose only cart contents included bottles of disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes. (Clearly this was at the beginning of the pandemic panic.) 

I have to confess, I no longer even push my cart down the cleaning aisle at the store anymore. I have a hard time with the fragrances, which give me a headache, and I've learned why. What I've come to understand about the vast majority of commercial products has saved me money and preserved our health! Like our food journey, though, this process didn't happen overnight, and I'm certainly not here to pass judgment on anyone who has been using something different than I choose. 

But I at least want you to KNOW! Know what's in your products. Know what those hard-to-pronounce ingredients might be doing to your respiratory system or what might happen as they are absorbed into your skin. And then know that you have alternatives!

Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) has seriously been a game-changer in our home. With no harsh chemicals, it smells amazing and works incredibly well. Some "green" products I've tried either A) actually have ingredients that are suspect or B) don't actually work all that well. THC is extremely economical as well as effective, and with its plant-based ingredients, I don't worry at all about my kids using it. We don't have pets (we have enough mouths to feed, lol), but THC is also safe for animals.

THC comes in a concentrate, and you can use it for literally every household cleaning task on your list. (And your house will smell amazing!) There are other hacks as well--for example, we add some to our laundry soap, which is also concentrated. We split the laundry soap into three 32-ounce containers, add 6 capfuls of THC, and fill the rest of the pump bottles with water. Done! 

We are also big fans of the Thieves whitening toothpaste and Thieves fruit & veggie wash!

Oh...and there's a whole starter kit centered on this family favorite! If you inspect the labels in your house and find a lot of products you want to switch out, this is a great way to CLEAN things up!

If you're a lover of Thieves cleaner, or any of the Thieves product line, what's your favorite? 

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