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in homeschooling for the LONG HAUL?
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Are you ready to do what it takes to be deeply rooted?Join this one-of-a-kind discipleship & coaching program

for Christian homeschool moms following God's call
to raise kingdom-minded disciples of Jesus!

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Tell me if you can relate...

  • You want to maximize the time you have with your kids...
  • You wish it were easier to stay motivated and focused in your homeschool...
  • You desire to know and speak truth to your kids (and yourself!)...

What if I told you there IS a way to homeschool for the long haul...
WITHOUT losing your mind or feeling like a failure?
Let's work together to make sure you are DEEPLY ROOTED so you can pursue GOD'S purposes for your homeschool!
Cultivate deeper roots by investing in yourself for 6 weeks of intentional growth!

The Be Rooted Program gives you:
Imagine waking up every morning feeling calm, confident, 
and READY for a great day homeschooling your children!

 Imagine feeling excited and energized
instead of exhausted and overwhelmed...

(not guessing or wondering)
you are absolutely doing the right work
FOR and WITH your children!

It's possible! Let's do this together—
partner with me to grow deep roots and find JOY in your homeschool journey!

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Hi, friend! I'm Beverly Jacobson...
Early in my homeschool journey I dug into Scripture and began taking to heart the words of Deuteronomy 6:4-9. I soaked up God's Word and grew deep roots.

And then the storms began to come. Miscarriages. Military moves. More babies. Deployments. 

Just as I had begun to accept (and even get excited about) the arrival of #9, we learned she had a life-limiting condition and wasn't expected to live. 

Have you been there? So exhausted, frustrated, and stretched beyond measure that you want to quit? Homeschooling feels hard, and in fact, sometimes even prayer feels hard. It's as if your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and you wonder if God even hears you...if He even cares. Mama, I hear you! 

Today, our little miracle girl is a very special part of our lives. And I continue to homeschool 5 of her older siblings (we've now launched 3 graduates)! We are rooted in Christ, which is the key to growing strong and bearing fruit that will last. And we love helping other homeschool families be rooted as well.

Mama, I want to help you THRIVE! Let me help you root your homeschool deeply so you and your family can grow strong and healthy, bearing fruit that will last.
What People Are Saying...
Real thoughts from real people who have worked with Beverly
Here's what you'll learn in the Be Rooted program:

The TRUTH about God's character and his calling
How to identify lies or incorrect assumptions
How to speak truth to ourselves 
What too many homeschool families focus on
How to overcome our own blind spots 
Why it's a good idea to prayerfully write our own job descriptions
How to create your PURPOSE PROCLAMATION 
How to create a God-sized vision for your homeschool
How to use your passions to shape your unique homeschool
How to be deeply rooted to weather the storms of life

And so much more!

And here's what you'll GET with your Be Rooted program:
  • Exclusive Be Rooted Teaching Videos. This is the meat of the course! Each session is soaked in prayer and heavy-laden with Scripture, stressing Bible study and application specific to our homeschool journey. 
  • An experienced homeschool mentor walking you step-by-step through the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being a godly wife and homeschool mama.
  • The Purpose Proclamation Workshop 
  • The Possibilities & Passions Trainings 
  • Preparing for the Storms of Life with "CPR" training and more! 
  • All workbooks and worksheets needed to complete the exercises to help you implement what you are learning and see where you need help/improvement. 
  • Membership to an exclusive VIP group with access to coaching, Q&A sessions, accountability, and more!
  • Lifetime access to these resources and any additional future teaching tools to come! This is the inaugural launch of this one-of-a-kind program, and the first participants will help shape the supporting materials for this journey. I will continually be adding and upgrading as I create and write additional helps for our community. 
If we priced all these resources individually, a program like this adds up to nearly $1K.

But for this inaugural launch, 
it is only $397!
What?! For real?! 
That’s a lot of value for only $397!

Yes, I know…but I’m looking at a lot of mamas who are serious about raising Jesus-followers in the midst of this broken, hurting world. You want to make a difference, but you also want to protect your children from the CRAZY out there.

Mama, I am PASSIONATE about equipping you to BE ROOTED in your faith so that you can raise your children to be deeply rooted in Jesus as well. My heart, my prayer, is for Christ to be glorified through a movement of Christian homeschool mamas raising a godly generation for eternal purposes.

So I’m making this program as accessible as possible, giving you some amazing tools to make an eternal difference in your AND your children's lives.
A discipleship & coaching program 
for Christian homeschool moms 
following God's call to raise kingdom-minded disciples of Jesus

Now only $397!

Here's how this works...

  • Sign up for the Be Rooted program here.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.
  • Request to join our private VIP coaching group (instructions in the email).
  • Upon kickoff, you will be able to access my online teaching vault. (Remember, you will have LIFETIME access to all of the materials, plus anything I add in the future to upgrade and enhance this learning experience!)
  • Join us live, ask your questions, engage with the material, and enjoy the program!

The Be Rooted Program: 
Helping Christian homeschool moms follow God's call to raise kingdom-minded disciples of Jesus.

Register TODAY—this inaugural price is the LOWEST the program will ever be! The number of resources you can access will only increase with time, and your purchase NOW locks you into lifetime access at this low price.

It’s time to do this—don't wait! You know how QUICKLY our kids grow up! Invest in yourself, Mama, so that you grow deep roots and can pour out into your precious children, helping THEM be rooted in Christ for life.

About Me
I'm a homeschooling mama of 9 who has been on this journey since 2004! We've launched 3 young adults and are homeschooling 5. Our youngest has profound needs, so her "school" looks much different. As a couple and as a family, we've learned that being deeply rooted in Jesus is the ONLY way to homeschool for the long haul!

My mission is to equip homeschool moms to be deeply rooted so that they can persevere in raising kingdom-minded disciples of Jesus! Let's lock arms and do this together...join me now for this one-of-a-kind adventure!