Campus Ministry Reports
June 26, 2023. After an incredibly full weekend at the Jesus Film premiere(s) plus visiting the church plant, Monday was a comparatively calm day. We went back to the Digital Strategies team office, where we heard reports from 3 different campus ministry teams. The young men who represented each location were all part of their campus digital teams, and it was very interesting to hear how they help empower and equip their peers to share their faith in various ways online. Each team was unique and yet there was overlap and sharing of ideas and strategies. Once again, I was so encouraged and inspired by the enthusiasm and passion they displayed!

One thing I love: these self-led teams have systems in place to train up their replacements! The creativity and initiative of the students contribute to strong, sustainable ministries. 

We spent all morning hearing from these teams, then took a break for a late lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant, where we enjoyed some more familiar food as well as the fellowship.

From left: Evangeline, Annada, Senay, Sami, Julianna, Loree, Dean, Bernie, Valerie

On the left, the 5 young men from the 3 campuses who shared during the morning sessions.
At the table's end, Etsub, one of the digital strategies team members/one of our wonderful hosts; I don't know who is sitting next to her, but then it's Nate, Marc, and Aragorn (Marc & Evangeline's son).

In the late afternoon, we had quite a bit of time to visit and ask questions. Sami helped me finish setting up my TMM account and showed me how it all works from the mentoring side. Tobin had a nice, hour-long chat with one of the campus presenters, and the two found they had a lot in common! They've connected on IG!

After another full day of listening and learning, we were thankful for an evening to rest and recover. I think some folks may have met together for dinner, but some of us (myself included) did another night of room service and hit the sack!
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