When the School Bus Beckons
Have you ever watched wistfully as the big yellow school bus picks up kids in your neighborhood?! Wondered what it would be like to wave goodbye to your children, turn around, and go back inside your house to be alone (or maybe with “only” one or two kiddos) for a few hours? 

True story: We once lived in a house right at the corner of a school pick-up. I heard and saw the bus roll in every morning and pull to a stop where the neighborhood kids and their moms stood in clusters along the edge of the cul-de-sac. Usually I felt thankful for the opportunity to keep my children home with me. Doing life and school together has always been an incredible blessing. But I do confess that the year my husband was deployed to Afghanistan, there were days when I wished I felt the freedom to send the kids to the public school! With 5 kids ages 10 and under and one growing in my belly, I was one tired mama!

That was a difficult season of life, to be sure. And when life feels hard, homeschool feels extra hard. As the years have come and gone, as we’ve experienced our ups and downs, I’ve learned that the times when I feel frustrated, exhausted, and burned out as a homeschool mom are the times when I’ve unwittingly been focusing on the FRUITS of homeschooling rather than the ROOTS.

This is something I’ve been pondering for awhile, and I’m excited to share more about what God has laid on my heart as I prepare to speak at a couple of upcoming homeschool conventions! If you’re near Round Rock, TX, or Wasilla, AK, I’d love to meet up with you! And if you aren’t but you have homeschooling friends who are, pass along this message and help us get connected! 😀 

I’ll share more next week about this idea of fruits and roots. Meanwhile…I’d love to hear your thoughts about the fruits and roots of homeschooling! What does that mean to you?
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