New Year...Who's This?!
As I look out my office window where a few inches of snow have accumulated on the railing of the balcony, with snow swirling in the wind, I am very grateful to be sitting in my cozy office with my space heater humming nearby. It's been awhile since I took time to blog. Beverly Jacobson seems to have taken a back seat to Verity's Village, the nonprofit I launched last year with the generous help of Save the Storks.  I absolutely LOVED every bit of that process, from the homework assignments I completed for the Pro-Life Innovators Summit (defining the Verity's Village mission and vision statements, writing out our core values and purpose, preparing my presentation, etc.) to the actual ministry of working with brave mamas who chose to carry their precious babies to term despite a life-limiting diagnosis. 

The end of 2021 brought much reflection, some of which involved looking back over a roller coaster of a ride with the start-up of a nonprofit organization I believe God is establishing to last far beyond our own lifetime. (You can read the Verity's Village year-end report here.) I learned a lot through the process of setting up a nonprofit. Actually, I feel I'm in constant learning mode, and there is so much more I desire to see happen in this ministry!

But I also learned much about myself in the process, some exciting and surprising things, in fact. For example, when I listened to the CEO of Save the Storks tell me that I have a gift--that she felt I really need to be on the speaking circuit--I felt something rise up within me that has been there all along, a hidden desire I never took time to put into words. (Perhaps it's that I never felt worthy or "good enough" to put such a desire in writing or even to acknowledge it as a possible goal.)

I want to speak. On a stage. To people--lots of people! And I want to get paid for doing it.

There! I said it! 

I type this with a smile on my face, because I finally acknowledged this dormant desire about two months ago. That was when I finally clicked on an ad I had been seeing for a training program to get booked and paid to speak. Long story short, I am SO excited to be pursuing this dream knowing that 2022 is the year I will step onto a stage, share what God has laid on my heart, prayerfully inspire and encourage others, and bring home a paycheck for doing so.

I'm in a new phase of life, and I'm still learning who I am and what God's purpose is for me in this season. I can't wait to see how things unfold for me and my family in 2022!

What are you learning about yourself as the calendar flips over?
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