Afghanistan: Thoughts from a Military Wife

As a military wife, I’m angry that the sacrifices our family and so many others made now count for absolutely nothing.

As a Christian, I’m afraid for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are being hunted down and persecuted.

As a woman, I’m horrified at years of progress erased in one fell swoop, sending women back into the clutches of 8th century cavemen.

As a mother, I’m in agony at the thought of what is happening to innocent children where absolute terror and chaos reign. (Did you know Afghan fathers are weighing what is the lesser of two evils: to shoot their own daughters or turn them over to the Taliban???)

Billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment, now in the hands of our enemies.

Biometric data of those who helped us, also in the hands of our enemies, who are hunting people down.
American citizens, stranded…abandoned.

The first military casualties since February 2020, lives lost in this…absolute disaster…I don’t even have strong enough words to describe what has been happening.

This commander-in-chief needs to be held accountable for his lies and incompetence.

Photo from May 2011, saying goodbye to Daddy as he left for a year-long deployment to Kandahar. Three months later our 6th child was born. 

My heart is just. So. Heavy.

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