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All about the products you'll use and be introduced to in this challenge

Lavender, Stress Away, and Orange

Here are the top three products you'll be using during our challenge! We'll spend the first few days simply learning how and why to use them.
  • Which ones may be best for sleep, reduced stress, increased energy
  • How to use topically, aromatically, and internally
  • How and why to combine single oils and/or blends   
  • Become comfortable and confident with daily oil usage

Week 1 Diffuser

Diffusing allows for wide dispersal of tiny oil molecules, making it easy and quick for your body to experience benefits:
  • Variety of styles, each with its own fabulous settings
  • Helps oil molecules cross blood/brain barrier (something convention meds can't do)
  • Easy way to keep oils continuously supporting your body for hours at a time

WEEK 2 Ningxia red

  • Learn all about the amazing constituents in the Ningxia wolfberry:
  • Vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils work in synergy, as well as providing prebiotics to the digestive system
  • Supports multiple body systems, including immune, eyes, heart, brain, energy, and healthy blood sugar levels
  • Visit ningxiared.com for more details on the benefits of this product

Week 3 UnWind and immupro

Unwind is a brand new item in the KidScents line that contains magnesium and is meant to help occasional sleeplessness, irritability, restlessness, and encourage calmness.  Bonus is that adults can use it, too! 

Immupro is specially formulated to support immune system and encourage sleep:
  • Zinc and Selenium, easily absorbed by body to support immune system
  • Melatonin to encourage body's normal sleep patterns
  • Non-habit forming; rather than making your body dependent, ImmuPro simply encourages it to operate as it should for optimal wellness

WEEK 4 Life 9 & digestive enzymes

  • Provide probiotics and enzymes to our "second brain":
  • Encourage a healthy gut flora for optimal support of other body systems
  • Provide the enzymes necessary for proper digestion
  • Set the foundation for wellness function 

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Not all oils are created equal. Found out why!


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