From Diagnosis to Delivery:
What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens During Your Pregnancy

How do you move forward after you receive an unexpected diagnosis for your baby? How do you deal with the devastation and chaos? Most importantly, how do you prepare for the range of possibilities you now face? From Diagnosis to Delivery is a compassionate, invaluable tool for parents who are facing a life-limiting diagnosis for their unborn child. The author encourages advocacy for parents who need to have their voices heard as they navigate a pregnancy with a child they are often told is “incompatible with life.”

This book helps parents navigate everything on this journey, from receiving the initial diagnosis, finding a medical team that supports the wishes of the parent, advocating after delivery, facing loss, and providing for a medically fragile child. Just a few of the tools you'll find in this book:

  • Guidance to cope with the mental and emotional health aspects of a pregnancy after learning of a life-limiting diagnosis for Baby
  • A heads up about preconceived ideas you'll encounter within the medical world, family and friends, and even yourself
  • Pointers for the research process
  • Talking points for your medical team
  • Ideas for making memories during the pregnancy
  • Preparing for loss
  • Preparing for life
  • Preparing a birth plan
  • And more.
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***NOTE: Proceeds benefit the Verity's Village community, which serves families who receive a prenatal diagnosis. 

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