WELCOME to the Challenge!

In 28 days, you're going to wonder HOW ON EARTH you lived without knowing what I'm about to share with you!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." --Lao Tzu

CONGRATULATIONS on taking your first step to becoming FIT for LIFE!

Throughout this 28-day challenge, I will walk you through simple, daily steps to help you get healthy and stay that way.

My wish for you is that every day you find a new piece of inspiration to help motivate you toward making better and better choices for you and your family.

I think you may also make a new friend or two in the process! 😉

Here's how we'll get this done

  • Each week, we'll have one main (super-achievable) goal. 
  • Every day, I'll share a small, simple step toward that goal.
  • Every day, we'll complete that small step & check in for accountability. 
  • We'll meet daily in our Crunchy Chat, where you'll learn & check in
  • We'll meet LIVE via this Zoom link on Fridays at 4pm MT for a Party!
  • There will be a LIVE DRAWING for an amazing prize on our last day!

    Don't forget to download & print your Challenge Journal!

Challenge Dates: Sept 7 - Oct 4, 2020
Our Mission: Well on our way to being FIT FOR LIFE by Oct 5!

How to win the drawing

The Prize: 8th Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference ($50 Value!)
  • Check in on daily accountability posts in the Challenge Chat (1 entry)
  • Share your daily accountability on social media: #BecomingFit4Life (1 entry)

The winner will be announced LIVE on at our final Zoom Challenge Party at 4pm MT on 10/4!


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