Be Rooted (E-book)

How do we make sure our homeschool doesn't fade, fizzle out, or even fail? What does it take to survive, sustain, and succeed for the long haul of homeschooling?

Be Rooted is a thoughtful look at how being deeply rooted is vital to our personal relationship with Jesus, our marriage, our family, and yes, our homeschool!

In these four power-packed chapters, you’re sure to find encouragement from a homeschool mom who has survived, sustained and succeeded...despite a number of difficulties. 

This e-book is perfect for a quick read when your motivation for homeschooling is low. Read it with a friend for accountability, or start a small group study to dive into each chapter and invite more discussion. 

Note: This e-book is a gentle introduction to Beverly's Be Rooted program, an in-depth course designed to help homeschool moms who are committed to homeschooling for the long haul. For more information about this program, please reach out!

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