FREE Virtual Workshop
Do you want to survive, sustain, and succeed in homeschooling?
Then mark your calendar and join me Monday, April 3, 6pm Mountain/7pm Central!

Join me for this virtual event that will set you up to homeschool for the long haul! This power-packed workshop will inspire and encourage you to press on in your calling to teach your children diligently.
  • Purpose: WHY are you homeschooling?
  • Possibilities: WHERE will this journey take you? 
  • Passions: WHO do you want to be on the way? 
Is this workshop for you?

Do any of the following points describe where you're at on your homeschooling journey?
  • You're feeling a lack of direction, focus, and/or clarity.
  • You wonder how your kids are possibly learning anything.
  • You want confirmation that you're going in the right direction.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to stay focused on Jesus and help your kids know and love Him.
  • You want to maximize the time you spend with your kids.
  • You want to feel prepared + confident instead of overwhelmed + unsure.

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