Are you planning to homeschool for the long haul?
Build your homeschool on a strong foundation so your family can weather the storms of life.

"When homeschooling is hard, the only way forward is to remember your mission, your WHY for doing this in the first place. If you don't have a mission, if you haven't established the foundation for why you're home educating your children, it will be all too easy to find an alternative option. But if you're committed to homeschooling for the long haul, you'll remember that the daily activities, schedules, assignments--all of that is there as a TOOL for you to accomplish your mission."
- Beverly Jacobson

You've heard the call...
God has laid it on your heart to home educate your children. Now what?!

Whether you've been in the homeschooling trenches for awhile now, or whether you're just starting to investigate this lifestyle, there is a sustainable way to homeschool from diapers to diploma. (Or there's the road to burnout... but let's not go there!)
I'm investigating this homeschool thing.
You've seen others do this and wonder if you can too. Others seem to have that drive and know where they're going, but you're not sure if you have what it takes to be on the road for the long haul, in charge of both the journey AND the destination. Yet you're curious and willing to learn! Maybe, just maybe, this adventure could be just the ticket for you and your family to enjoy the "scenic route!" But first...some kind of road map might be nice...

Is this you? I can help! Let's hop on a call to bring you some clarity and determine what your next steps are. (No charge!)

I'm a bit tired of this homeschool thing.
Let's face it, sometimes you feel like taking the exit ramp and quitting this long road of homeschooling. Maybe you started the journey with a song in your heart...taught a kid to read, helped another discover a hidden talent, managed to get through fractions. But then you hit a speed bump, or worse, break down on the highway with no help in sight. You're lost and need encouragement to keep going. It just seems easier to hand over the keys to someone else and get out of the driver's seat. 

Is this you? I can help! Let's schedule some time to talk about what your next steps should be. (No charge!)

"These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 
Impress them on your children. 
Talk about them when you sit at home 
and when you walk along the road, 
when you lie down and when you get up."
Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Homeschooling for the Long Haul?

Even if you're just exploring homeschooling as an option, you are welcome to join our private support group, ask questions, and glean wisdom from other mamas who have been doing this anywhere from a few months to a few decades!


Meet Beverly:
In It for the Long Haul
Have you ever wondered if you could really do this homeschooling thing long term?! Oh, maybe you started out excited...but as time goes on, you start to understand what those veteran mamas mean when they talk about "burnout." You begin to feel as if you're doing more behavior management than actually teaching, maybe even feeling out of control yourself in certain areas.

Mama, I've been there! After 25 years of marriage and 17+ years of homeschooling our 9 kids, I'm more acquainted than I'd like to be with my closet (where I hide for some moments of sanity and dark chocolate). I've graduated 3 so far and am in the homeschooling trenches with 6 kids still at home.

Are you committed to homeschooling even when it gets hard? If you could use some encouragement from like-minded mamas, or if you think you'd benefit from some scriptural "truth bombs" to help you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, then I invite you to join my free community so we can lock arms and do this together!

"All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace."
Isaiah 54: 13
Build a foundation 
to sustain for the long haul...
even through the storms of life.

"By the grace God has given me, 
I laid a foundation as a wise builder, 
and someone else is building on it. 
But each one should build with care. 
For no one can lay any foundation 
other than the one already laid, 
which is Jesus Christ."
1 Corinthians 3:10-11

"Crisis-Proof Your Homeschool"
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