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Selling Your Sales Page: 

From Product to Profit 

is a quick and easy course designed to help you market and share your product or service offering with the world WITHOUT FEELING SALESY!  Downloads and easy-to-understand tutorials give you instant access for immediate learning and application!

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What if you had an easy way to communicate to potential clients about your product? To help them know what you have to offer and why they need it?
With your Selling Your Sales Page course, you’ll have a template for sharing your world-changing ideas in a way that feels genuine, “selling” your idea without FEELING salesy because you’re giving your audience EXACTLY what they need to know in order to make that decision to purchase. 
(Note that this course guides you through the process, so you don't need a particular platform to be able to benefit from the instruction! Just the means to write/type out your thoughts!)

And guess what?!

You'll feel AMAZING...and so will your audience! Why? 

Because they'll see you are showing up to SERVE THEM, not SELL THEM!

Tell me if this sounds like you...
You’ve poured your soul into creating an amazing product, course, or coaching program—
and now you’re not sure how to convey to the world what you have and why they need it. 
What's more, you'd like to do all that without feeling like it's a slimy sales pitch!
Maybe you've tried putting together a landing page or even a full sales page, but you're not seeing the results you had hoped for. You're feeling a little deflated...and maybe even anxious about not getting your product or service launched the way you dreamed. 

What if I told you there IS a way to make this part of your business FUN and EASY?! What if you could do this thing without feeling you're saying or doing the wrong thing? 

This is exactly why I’ve put together this quick little course—because while I was receiving amazing training in other areas of producing multiple streams of income, I wasn’t sure how to communicate what I had to offer once I finished creating it! I'm here to walk you step-by-step through a process that can feel scary.
Get your sales page up and running. Stop second-guessing what you are doing in the process! 
Move forward with confidence using a basic understanding of personality types to drive the information you include in your sales page. Let’s choose to make this fun and easy and do it together! Get your world-changing idea OUT there for people to see in just a few hours! And…BONUS…once you go through the process, you’ll easily and quickly be able to replicate it for future products/courses!

So...what's in it for you?
Let's take a look...
The Selling Your Sales Page course gives you:
Maybe you’re struggling with just what to say on your sales page. You’re not sure how much information is too much, and you definitely don’t want to alienate a potential client by saying the wrong thing OR by neglecting to share what NEEDS to be covered.

Imagine writing your sales page with grace and ease…
putting it on your web site with confidence…
and finally launching your world-changing product…
attracting YOUR PEOPLE who resonate with what they see on your beautiful, thoughtful sales page!

Imagine your target audience
learning about what you have to offer...
getting excited about joining you...
and taking the plunge! 

Imagine how many people you will help
because you have the tools to share 
your message without feeling "salesy"
or wondering if you've said too much (or not enough).

It's possible! Let's do this together—let’s lock arms and DO THIS THING TODAY! There’s a world out there who needs what YOU are offering! 

Lock in the low $47 price TODAY and receive lifetime access to these and any future resources! 
And remember, this course is relevant and applicable no matter WHAT your sales platform.

Hi! I'm Beverly Jacobson!
With a degree in secondary English education and a range of writing plus business experience, I found creating my first sales page challenging yet FUN! Technology was my biggest hurdle to overcome, but once I learned to navigate the world of web design, I found I had a natural talent for crafting words to guide people through a decision-making process when it came to making a purchase.

Maybe it wasn’t by chance: I’ve had years of experience cajoling 9 kids through everyday life, “selling” them on the idea of getting work finished before play! I’ve also led business and ministry groups, “selling” team members on project or outreach ideas. And through two decades of my business and personal development, I’ve become much more aware of what motivates ME in my own purchasing decisions. Likely you also have noticed online ads which draw you in...and those which push you away.

What I teach you in this short yet extremely practical course is a compilation of what I use myself to set up my sale pages with confidence, grace, and ease. While the switch to primarily online sales is a relatively new one for me, the thought process BEHIND the effort is not. The planning process that must come BEFORE advertising is incredibly important! That’s why I created this easy-peasy course—to help YOU think through these things so your amazing product or offering can more quickly get out into the world where it can make a difference!

Here's what you'll learn in  
Selling Your Sales Page:

    What the 4 basic personality types are and how they relate to your sales page.
    How to speak to different personality types, addressing their potential concerns/roadblocks to 
    How to create a plan BEFORE launching your product/offering.
    How to reach your ideal customer.
    What your sales page should look like (in terms of content) and why.
    How to assign value to what you are offering in a way that makes your potential clients ready to LEAP on board.
    How to create your sales page content, WITHOUT the too-salesy feelings.
    How to do a mock-up and why you might choose to do so.

And here's what you'll GET 
with your Selling Your Sales Page Bundle:

  Personality and Sales Profile: Training with immediate application so you understand personality types as they relate to your sales page. Includes bonus PDFs for visual reference and brainstorming (Value: $19.99)
    The Super Vision Sales Statement: With just a little supervision, turn your sales pitch into a Super Vision Statement to keep you on track. (Value: $5.99)
The “What’s It Worth” Worksheet & Training: Learn how to communicate the overall value of your offering without feeling like a used car salesman! (Value: $15.99)
The Road-Block-Buster + Beyond the Buts Training: This is a MUST—knowing the potential obstacles that stand in the way of your clients and their success (which comes through using what YOU have to offer them)! Break through those road blocks first by learning what they are and second by overcoming them through this portion of your training. (Value: $19.99)
The Sales Page Setup: This is the HEART of the course: A step-by-step template breaking down alllllll the information about what it is you offer into bite-sized chunks, all of which combine to appeal to the various personality types and ultimately answer every single question your potential clients could possibly have about your offering. The printable guide can be used over and over, tweaked for any future products, courses, or programs you will offer in the future, saving you valuable time and energy! PLUS you will walk through a sample sales page that uses this template! (Value: $29.99)
Mock-Up Tutorial: A bonus training on how to create a graphic mock-up of your offering, even if it’s digital! Making the intangible seem touchable and valuable is a HUGE plus in this age of online marketing. Also included: a Canva template so you don’t have to start from scratch! (Value: $19.99)
An optional discount code for proofreading services if you choose to have someone who is strong in grammar and writing mechanics look over your sales page before it goes live. (Value: $9.99)
Lifetime access to these resources and any additional future teaching tools to come! You are accessing the “beta version” of my Selling Your Sales Page course! Should I find something else of value I decide to add in addition to all these amazing resources, you will be able to access it at NO additional charge. (Value: $???!)
If we priced all these resources individually, a course like this would be WELL over $100. 

But right NOW it is only $47.
What?! For real?! 
That’s a lot of stuff for only $47!

It’s true…but I know I’m not the only one seeking to set up multiple streams of income! We are living in UNPRECEDENTED times, and whether that is affecting you directly or indirectly, it’s likely you know what I mean when I say we’ve all had to pivot in one form or another with our personal and business lives. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or have just recently joined the ranks of those seeking to earn income from home, I want to support you in an area where I have something significant to offer. And I’m making it as accessible as possible, giving you some amazing tools that you can implement TODAY to get your sales page launched with confidence!
The Selling Your Sales Page Course
From Product to Profit...WITHOUT feeling "salesy!"
 It's time to get started!

Now only $47!
FAQ'S about the Selling Your Sales Page Course...

Yes…and no! Yes in the sense that I will walk you through every section of the sales page setup I use myself, explaining WHAT I put in those sections and WHY. No in the sense that you WILL have to do the work of communicating the value of your product/service. However, my guides and worksheets will walk you through the process, giving you confidence and even making this about as fun and easy as it can possibly get!

Absolutely YES! I totally GET this question, as the last thing I desire in my own business ventures is to feel like the stereotypical used-car salesman. (My apologies to the non-slimy used-car salespeople out there!) We will talk about the mindset behind this feeling so you can to venture forward confidently, sharing your authentic self.

The guides, worksheets, and templates I give you will indeed help you—and you’re even welcome to use some of my words and phrases as a springboard or starting point! Basically, if you can answer the questions asked during the process, YOU CAN DO THIS! Plus, if you so desire, you may choose to use your special discount code for a proofreading session before you go live.

The Selling Your Sales Page course is not a means to technical support, only guidance for composing your sales copy plus the philosophy behind it. If you are a Get Oiling or Attract Well user, I may be able to help you with individual coaching; however, that is not included in this extremely low-priced offering. No matter WHAT your sales platform, this course is relevant and applicable.

If desired, you will likely be able to whip through this course in an afternoon…or possibly break it into a few smaller chunks, depending on whether you prefer to ponder through the process or whether you already know WHAT you need to communicate and just need help with the HOW (and maybe the WHY). 

Absolutely! While ultimately the price you charge is up to you, we will walk through the process of assigning value to each aspect of your offering(s) in order to build up the significance of what you are offering. When your sales page launches, you will feel much more confident in what you are charging!

Nope! You have LIFETIME access to this! So if it isn’t something you can tackle today, just know the training and resources are available at a time that’s convenient for you.
Who can use The Selling Your Sales Page Course?

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  • Upon purchase, you will receive an email with information on how to access your course. (Make sure it doesn’t go to spam! Add to your contacts and look for that first email!)
  • Log into the course—if it’s your first one with me, you’ll need to set up a username and password.
  • Enjoy the program! Print the guides and worksheets as needed, watch the videos, do the things!
What if I decide I don't want the program? Do I get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be NO refunds after purchase, no exceptions.

Selling Your Sales Page 
From Product to Profit
(WITHOUT feeling salesy!)

Grab your Selling Your Sales Page course TODAY—this price won’t last long! The number of  resources you can access on my private teaching page will only increase with time, and your purchase NOW locks you into lifetime access at this lowest price.  

It’s time to do this—don’t let anything hold you back from serving your tribe! Learn to be your own confident, competent sales copy writer and shout your offerings to the world!
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