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Meet Beverly Jacobson...
Founder of Verity's Village 
Advocate for the unborn and those with special needs

From Heartache to Hope
Crisis and trauma come to everyone…often when we least expect it. How do we shift from surviving to thriving?

When you’re at an event with Beverly, you’ll find yourself connecting with her on an emotional journey few have ever faced. You’ll be drawn in by her storytelling, laughing and crying along with her and feeling empowered as you walk away with ideas for spreading HOPE. Her passion for applying biblical truth to the hard parts of life will equip you to…

  • rekindle your love,
  • renew your joy,
  • regain your peace,
  • refresh your strength,
  • and ultimately redeem your past, wrapping you in the HOPE God has provided for you in Christ Jesus.

Beverly Jacobson is an author, speaker, and advocate for marriages, mothers, and the unborn. Through Scripture, stories, and analogies, she provides solid scriptural teaching and take-aways, leading her audience toward joy and hope that do not depend on circumstances.

When Beverly and her husband learned their 9th baby had Edwards Syndrome, they grieved upon hearing their daughter was not expected to live. But God had other plans...not only has little Verity turned her family’s lives upside down (in a good way!), but she has also touched hearts all over the world. Beverly has written books, journals, and other resources for parents in these unique situations. When she learned how many mothers are pushed toward abortion following a prenatal diagnosis, Beverly founded the nonprofit organization Verity's Village to provide hope, encouragement, education, and practical resources for families who receive a life-limiting diagnosis for their babies.

Beverly has spoken at...

Sample Talks
From Heartache to Hope
Beverly's keynote speech brings the audience on a journey from her own diagnosis to delivery and beyond. Scriptural truth is the feature, helping all who face heartache to center, educate, and position themselves for God's divine purposes. This presentation is valuable not only for those who face unexpected hardships, but also for those who work with women vulnerable to abortion.
Imperfectly Perfect
This tender, touching presentation shares some of the ways being the mother of Verity, a little girl 100% dependent on others for care, has taught Beverly more about our Heavenly Father’s heart. Real-life stories and spiritual analogies give the audience deeper insights into their own purpose and value. 

“Beverly's story is compelling, authentic and inspiring. She easily engages the audience with relatability but leaves them empowered to get involved in the pro-life movement and to be the hands and feet of Jesus for families that need help and hope. She will leave the audience wanting to hear more!"

-Amy Ford, Founder & President, Embrace Grace

“Beverly Jacobson is an engaging, entertaining speaker who willingly invites her audience to accompany her on a journey few have ever faced. She offers the perfect combination of real-world experience and a raw, emotional connection to the subject matter that allows each person listening to enter a new world, learn about tough topics, and walk away with hope and a desire to make a difference.”

-Diane Ferraro, CEO, Save the Storks

“With power and compassion, Beverly tells the story of her family's entrance into the world of the ‘medically fragile.’  A lifelong advocate for the most vulnerable in our society, Beverly challenges her audiences to join with her in the mission to change the narrative surrounding those born with a life-limiting diagnosis. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be inspired, but most of all to walk away with a deeper understanding of the value of every human life.” 

–Joyce Zick, Missionary to Italy and Co-founder, Missione di Luce

“Having walked this journey with her own daughter, Beverly is passionate about the value of every life. She shares this passion with deep conviction and compelling stories. She invites her audience to join her in embracing every life as a precious gift of infinite worth.”

-Richard (Dick) Grady, President, Resound Corporation

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“Beverly spoke to our class about her family's prenatal diagnosis experience. Future and current prenatal providers would benefit from her advocacy for up-to-date information and support during the months following a prenatal diagnosis. The combination of personal stories, resources available, and focus on the positive aspects of living life to the fullest after the diagnosis are incredibly valuable!” 

–Sara Fisher, MS, CGC, Assistant Program Director, Genetic Counseling, University of Nebraska Medical Center

“Beverly came to speak for a pro-life event at Gabriel's Corner Pregnancy Center….It was a beautiful, very informative and inspiring evening, as she presented her family's testimony, with faith, strength, and encouragement for other families going through the same situation.”

-Catherine Schroeder, Executive Director, Gabriel's Corner Pregnancy Center, Council Bluffs, Iowa


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