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useful AND understandable?

The Grammar Guides Bundle is a quick course designed to help students overcome common grammatical mistakes with confidence and ease. Downloads and easy-to-access tutorials give you instant access for immediate learning and application!

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What if you never had to wonder whether something you write is grammatically correct?  What if you could actually be your own proofreader—and a confident, competent one at that? What if you could empower your teen(s) to do this too?
With Grammar Guides, there's no need to experience grammar grief! With this workshop and tutorial bundle, you'll learn in 12 lessons how to avoid the most common grammatical errors that distract from your message. You'll have the "write stuff!"
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Tell me if this sounds like you (or maybe your teen)...
You struggle with knowing where and why to use commas...
you may know something is correct (or not), but you can't or don't have time to explain why...
you wish there were a way to help your kids become foolproof proofreaders.

What if I told you there IS a way to become a more mechanically sound writer...WITHOUT consulting a 400-page grammar book for every writing assignment?

That's exactly why I created my Grammar Guides. I needed to teach my 13yo reluctant writer enough to help her recognize her own mistakes and feel more confident in her writing. I wanted to build up her foundation of grammatical concepts, but more than that, I wanted her to feel empowered to apply those concepts to future writing efforts.
Gain a better grasp of grammar in just a few short weeks with The Grammar Guides!

So...what exactly are The Grammar Guides?
Let's take a look...
The Grammar Guides bundle gives you:
Are you a homeschooling parent? Or the parent of a student struggling in this area?
Maybe right now you're wondering how to help your teenager write with grace and ease. 
The specifics of mechanics have paralyzed your novice writer—how in the world does one
freely write a story or essay when worried about whether to insert a comma or not? 
Or wondering whether to use there, their, or they're?! 

Imagine your teen 
grasping grammatical concepts...
gaining confidence...
and growing in competence as a writer. 

Imagine your teen
having the tools to create 
a finished paragraph, essay, or story 
without mechanical errors 
distracting from the message.

It's possible! Let's do this together—partner with me as your Grammatical Guru to get this job done! 

Lock in the low $57 price TODAY and receive lifetime access to these and any future resources! 

Hi! I'm Beverly Jacobson!
With a degree in secondary English education, my passion for grammatical perfection goes back several decades. My classroom experience ranges from teaching the research paper in a high school classroom to coaching advanced composition at a business college. 

I left the public school to focus on raising and educating my own children at home. We have launched our oldest 3 (out of 9 children), all of whom have done well in their post-high school pursuits, having received accolades for their writing skills and logic. I continue to homeschool our other children and care for our youngest, who has special needs. 

Throughout my parenting journey, I have continued teaching and writing in various arenas. I've authored three books, two journals, and over a dozen Bible study guides for youth camps. I have done freelance writing and proofreading work as well as contributing to book compilations and blogs. And as the founder of a nonprofit ministry, I engage in written communication frequently. Needless to say, proofreading is an everyday part of my life! 
What I teach you in this program is a compilation of what I use myself every day in order to write with confidence, grace, and ease. 

Here's what you'll learn with your 
Grammar Guides Bundle:

  • The 3 biggest grammatical mistakes associated with prepositions...and how to avoid them.
  • How to identify subjects and verbs and recognize the imposters that often cause errors by getting in the way.
  • The prevalent problems with pronouns...and how to overcome them.
  • How to know when to use a contraction and when to use its homophone (NOT it's homophone!)
  • How to distinguish between adjectives and adverbs in order to apply the correct word form in usage.
  • How to classify sentences AND PUNCTUATE THEM CORRECTLY.
  • How to make sure your subjects and verbs get along.
  • How to avoid Comma Calamaties, Appalling Apostrophes, and Quirky Quotation Marks.
  • How to keep your writing consistent in person, number, tone, and structure.
And here's what you'll GET 
with your Grammar Guides Bundle:

  • The Grammar Gauge Assessment Tool PLUS 
  • The Grammar Gauge Answer Key PLUS
  • The Grammar Gauge Answer Videos with detailed explanation of each correct answer. This little packet alone is worth the price of the entire Grammar Guides Bundle! 
  • The Grammar Guides themselves. This is the meat of the course: 12 manageable (and even enjoyable!) lessons, split into bite-sized chunks, all building a solid foundation for grammatical greatness. The printable PDF Guides are short enough to easily reference in future writing endeavors, but meaty enough to provide the content needed to fully understand the concepts. (Value: $60)
  • The Grammar Guides Tutorials. We all know our retention rate skyrockets when we combine learning modalities. Twelve video tutorials complement the printed Grammar Guides to provide additional information, clarification, and application opportunities. (Value: $120+)
  • 16 Practice Pages AND Answer Keys to help students implement what they are learning and see where they need help/improvement. (Value: $30)
  • Lifetime access to these resources and any additional future teaching tools to come! In the works, for example, are my usage guides for my personal pet peeves of usage abuse (i.e. farther vs. further; than vs. then; peak/peek/pique), not to mention commonly misspelled words! (Value: $??!)
If we priced all these resources individually, a course like this adds up to at LEAST a couple hundred bucks. 

But right NOW it is only $57.
What?! For real?! 
That’s a lot of stuff for only $57!

Yes, I know…but I’m looking at a lot of mamas facing unique schooling situations. You’ve got a LOT on your plate.  

I’ve worked hard to pull this course together at the start of a new school year in UNPRECEDENTED times. 

Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or have been thrust into the world of online, hybrid, and/or homeschool education, I want to support you in an area where I have some serious know-how. 

And I’m making it as accessible as possible, giving you some amazing tools to make a serious difference in your kid’s academic life.
The Grammar Guides Bundle
Making Grammar Useful AND Understandable
 It's time to get started!

Now only $57!
FAQ'S about The Grammar Guides...

The short answer: In general, this program is probably appropriate for junior high and high school students. 

The longer answer: I designed the Grammar Guides with my own 13-year-old daughter in mind. With that said, we cover concepts which, to be honest, many high schoolers still haven’t internalized! We do cover a LOT of information in a short amount of time, so this likely would be too overwhelming for most elementary students.

The Grammar Guides I give you outline the most common mistakes with lots of examples. They’re written as if I’m talking to my own kids. In fact, I’m talking to YOUR kids, too! Parents are certainly welcome to listen in, but if that’s not your jam, your student will probably do just fine working through the lessons independently. 

Understandable! We often dislike a subject until or unless we see the need for it. Short, to-the-point lessons keep students focused on the main topic at hand. With a written PDF for each concept along with a teaching video, students can both see AND hear the concepts, increasing understanding and application skills.

My Grammar Guides focus on what is MOST important about a grammatical concept—no need to wade through a lot of material that may or may not be applicable to your/your student’s writing. (So...NO...we will not be diagramming sentences!) I highlight common writing errors in the guides because THAT is the GOAL OF THIS whole gig: Helping students avoid common mistakes so their writing can shine! 

Students can (and should!) follow along and check their assignments with the video. They will receive instant feedback and explanations of correct answers to help them avoid the same errors in the future. You are welcome to follow along, listening and learning with your student, but my teaching tutorials and answer keys will provide correct answers to our practice activities.

Nope! I grant each family the right to use these resources with ALL your children—anyone in your immediate family may access this training. 

Nope! You can go at your own pace! For your own success, though, I encourage at least weekly activity so concepts stick in the brain, as each lesson refers to components of previous lessons.

AND HERE'S THE THING: you have LIFETIME access to this program…to include receiving any additional components that may in the future be added to the Grammar Guides Bundle!
Who can use The Grammar Guides?

Here's how this works...

  • Grab your copy of The Grammar Guides Bundle HERE.
  • Upon purchase, you may access your downloadables instantly. 
  • Print the printables.
  • Follow instructions on your private link to my online teaching page.
  • Enjoy the program!
What if I decide I don't want the program? Do I get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be NO refunds after purchase, no exceptions.

The Grammar Guides 
Making Grammar Useful AND Understandable

Grab your Grammar Guides Bundle TODAY—this price won’t last long! The number of resources you can access on my private teaching page will only increase with time, and your purchase NOW locks you into lifetime access at this low price. 

It’s time to do this—no more grammar grief or groans! Learn to be your own confident, competent proofreader…and help your teens do the same. Grab your Grammar Guides  and get started on the road to grammatical greatness today!

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