WELCOME to the Challenge

In 28 days, you're going to wonder HOW ON EARTH you lived without knowing what I'm about to share with you.

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - Anthony Robbins

CONGRATULATIONS on taking your first step to a more rested, happier you!

Throughout this 28 day challenge, I will walk you through simple, daily steps to help you get sleep, lose stress, and stay that way.

My wish for you is that every day you find a new piece of inspiration to help motivate you toward making better and better choices for you and your family.

I think you may also make a new friend or two in the process 😉

Here's how we'll get this done

  • Each week, we'll have one main (super-achievable) goal. 
  • Every day, I'll share a small, simple step toward that goal.
  • Every day, we'll complete that small step & check in for accountability 
  • We'll meet daily in our "Rested Room", where you'll learn & check in
  • We'll meet LIVE via this Zoom link on Wednesdays at 6pm EST for a Party!
  • There will be a LIVE DRAWING for an amazing prize on 7/22!

    Don't forget to download & print your Challenge Journal!

Challenge Dates: June 22-July 22, 2020
Our Mission: Full Energy and Good Rest by July 23rd

How to win the drawing

The Prize: Feather the Owl diffuser + Oily Mystery Bundle!
  • Check in on daily accountability posts in the Rested Room (1 entry)
  • Share your daily accountability on social media: #Exhausted2Energized (1 entry)

The winner will be announced LIVE on at our final Zoom Challenge Party at 6pm EST on 7/22.


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