In for the Long Haul
Have you ever wondered if you could really do this homeschooling thing long term?! Oh, maybe you started out excited...but as time goes on, you start to understand what those veteran mamas mean when they talk about "burnout." You begin to feel as if you're doing more behavior management than actually teaching, maybe even feeling out of control yourself in certain areas.

Mama, I've been there! After 25 years of marriage and 16+ years of homeschooling our 9 kids, I'm more acquainted than I'd like to be with my closet (where I hide for some moments of sanity and savoring dark chocolate).

And can I be real with y0u? I nearly had a breakdown the year after carrying our 9th baby to term despite her life-limiting condition. I couldn't fathom how we could possibly continue homeschooling when it took all our time and energy to keep our tiny miracle girl alive.

But here we are, by God's grace...still homeschooling and doing life in all its beautiful chaos. Our youngest has surpassed all predictions, reaching her 5th birthday. Our oldest 3 have graduated (HALLELUJAH!). And I'm now a grandma, God's reward for persevering through the hard times!

Can you relate? Are you committed to homeschooling for the long haul? Could you use some encouragement from like-minded mamas? Would you benefit from some scriptural "truth bombs" that help you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus? Join my free community so we can lock arms and do this together!

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