It wasn't so long ago I was drowning in heartache...

struggling mentally and emotionally.

Top photo: 2021

Bottom photo: 2019
My 9th child pushed me over the edge. I never planned to be a mama of many, let alone a fragile, special-needs baby who wasn’t expected to live past her first birthday. But there I was, feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis, unsure how to continue homeschooling along with the full-time job of learning how to be Verity's mama. I lived in fear that our fragile little baby was going to succumb to statistics and die. (Spoiler alert: she's doing amazing!)
I remember those days so vividly: I was drained. Oh, so very drained. More than that…I believed I was failing everyone around me, and the pressure, anxiety, and depression took me to disturbing places from which I was terrified I would never escape. I was scared nothing would ever be normal my marriage, in our family, or in any of the passions I used to have that I now felt were slowly slipping away. 

It was a dark, difficult time. And I knew something had to change. I wanted everyone in our family to THRIVE, not barely survive! 
Now? Well, in a word, we've moved from heartache to HOPE. Oh, I'm not saying life is perfect, by any means. But we are in such a different place than we were during the days of fear and uncertainty. And now I’m on a mission to share that hope with others, especially those who feel overwhelmed, who feel swallowed up by their circumstances and wonder if they will ever feel normal again...if it's possible to ever feel JOY again.
YES!! It IS possible! My family and I are living proof! While I can't guarantee the outcome of your journey, I am here to tell you that you CAN move from heartache to hope.

Don’t focus any longer on the fear and uncertainty.
Center yourself on a foundation of truth...
Educate yourself and learn what your next steps are...
And position yourself to move forward into all God has for you.
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